Restoration Glossary

Term Definition

A gable is the upper portion of a wall at the end of a roof or dormer; most often it is triangular.

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A wide, wrap-around covered porch lined with columns on one side, and common to French Colonial architecture of Louisiana. A gallerie connects interior rooms together, much like a hallway.

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Wooden architectural ornament popular with American folk houses in the late-19th and early 20th centuries, particularly in the Stick Style. Gingerbread often took the form of scalloped or zig-zag-edged clapboards, which were often painted in contrasting colors. At times, gingerbreading could be superfluous and almost gaudy, with excessive frills and curlicues. The widespread use in the mid-19th century of the jigsaw – a hand tool consisting of a handle attached to a small, thin blade – made gingerbread decorations readily available to home builders.

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A girt is a horizontal beam, used to connect and reinforce vertical posts in a timber frame. In two-story construction, a girt is the horizontal beam at the mid-point of the structure, also helping to support the floor of the second story.

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